I have IBC and am about to start this trial.
I have skin mets which are progressing and are classed as a second recurence, had a local recurrence 3 months after finishing rads a year ago.

Would be so grateful for any info on either of these drugs as regards side effects that people have experienced and perhaps the best way to minimise them. I am back at work and am hoping to continue. Have heard things about sore hands and feet and ‘udder cream’!

I will be collecting the prescription today and starting the treatment tomorrow.

Thanks in advance
Jackie xx

Hi Jackie

I’ve been on capecitabine for the past 2 years but haven’t had lapatinib so don’t know what side effects you may experience having both of them. I had a friend who was on just lapatinib last year (trial with the Royal Marsden) and she found the tablets difficult to swallow as they’re quite big. She struggled through only to be told later on that they could be dissolved in water.

My side effects (bearing in mind I’m on a lowish dose) is dryish hands and feet but I know there are a lot of ladies on here who do have sore hands and feet which is very common with this chemo. I do get tired but nothing that I can’t cope with. ‘Udder cream’ and flexitol may help with your feet and hands, depends on how severe they are.

Good luck.


Many thanks for the information Pinkdove.

I hadn’t heard of flexitol so will investigate.

Picked up the prescription today, my trial is at the Marsden too and by golly yes, they are big tablets!!!

Jackie x

Hi there,

Try this link for Udderly Smooth

It is very good stuff. Hand/foot syndrome does not tend to manifest itself immediately but is often a cumulative effect of xeloda so may not show for some months.

Good Luck with the trial.


Oh thanks for that Jenny!

I was wondering how soon it might happen and thought it might be cumulative, like taxotere. You’ve reassured me.

Jackie x

Hi Mabel, Jenny here

I am on this trial at Broomfield. I have the foot and hand syndrome and have contacted cellulits in my leg caused through the cracks in my feet, but a course of antibiotics have cleared this up.

Have a foot spa most days and then moisturise and put socks on, make sure nails are not cut too short and dont bite your nails because this all causes the skin to split.

How you dealing with your breasts, I have split skin underneath the breast that bleeds a lot, it is dressed most of this time but is really sore, I wish I could do something about this.

Any tips…just finished my third cycle of chemo and still taking them lip tabs every day.

Keep in touch…JEN

Hello Jen,

Lovely to hear from you. It’s a bit isolating being on this trial so great to be able to compare notes.

I’ve had some tingling in my fingertips and on the tops of my feet, but no cracking as yet. i am slathering on moisturiser every morning and evening and like you pop a pair of socks on my feet!

I’m on day 10 today of the first cycle. Already there has been a change in the appearence of the nodules, they look less inflamed, which is encouraging, let’s hope this continues!
I had a mast in Nov 06 and he skin mets are along the scar line. As well as becoming pinker they are becoming ‘dry’. The skin, especiallly o thelarger ones is beginning to flake a little. Good breast is so far so good, but wondering about moisturising this area too and with what?

Am due to see local onc on Thurs as I still see him as well as Marsden. i will ask him for suggestions.

Take care and keep in touch,
Jackie x