Capecitabine and hormone partner drug.

Hi there

I have have secondary breast cancer and am starting Cape chemo having been on the Palbo/Fulverstrant combo.

To other er+ secondary ladies on Cape chemo, what hormone blocker do you use?

Thank you for your help. 


Hi Sharon may be useful to post this in the secondary section too - treatment and medical issues - I will post you the link . Good luck with your treatment x

Hi Sharon

I was on Cape for nearly 4 years and did not take a hormone blocker with it. It worked really well and the only side effect I had was tiredness. Hope you do well on it.

Best wishes



I was on Cape for just over 18 months, but like another one of the ladies only had Cape and no hormone blocker as was on Letrozole for over six years previously.  I’m doing the opposite of yourself, starting Palbo/Fulvestrant now as eventually had progression on Cape.  I really liked Cape as it allowed me to do pretty much anything.  Side effects weren’t too bad if you paced yourself and made sure you moisturised hands and feet.  Really hope it does its stuff for you!
BTW how did you get on with the Palbo/Fulvestrant combo?
Best wishes,
Anne Marie