Capecitabine chemo

Hi all, has anyone been on or is currently on chemotherapy drug- Capecitabine (also called Xeloda)? I was so disappointed to hear I would be needing further chemo following my surgery. I was diagnosed with stage 3 BC which spread to my lymph nodes, in November 2022. My treatment plan was neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by mastectomy and radiotherapy. I have now been informed I will need further adjuvant chemotherapy along with radiotherapy. Hearing I will need further chemotherapy has knocked me back as I was hoping I didn’t need any more chemo (the first time round was bad enough!). Has anyone been on Capecitabine alongside radiotherapy willing to share their experiences. I know side effects (I hope I don’t lose my hair again) vary from person to person but any advise, tips will help my anxiety.

We are all warriors xx :heartbeat:


Hi RP002,

I know you must be disappointed not to be getting off the merry go round quite just yet, but my experience with capecitabine will perhaps give you some hope. After an extremely nasty course of docetaxel, the capc was a veritable walk in the park - and my hair grew back while I was on it! Very few side effects in comparison, mainly a little numbness in my fingers and toes, and low-key fatigue but nothing like ‘full blown chemo’.

As you say, everyone reacts differently, but capc was sold to me as one of the gentler forms, so I wish you well with it, too.


I am on my fourth round, so far so good, nothing like IV chemo. I am fatigued and get some shooting pains in my feet from time to time, I use foot cream each night, but it’s tolerable, you just have to listen to your body and stop when you need to, I have carried on working reduced hours as it helps my brain and keeps me 9n an even keel. My tendons under my arms had been pushed out to be prominent but have now g9ne back s9 I am hopeful that it is working.


Thank you Bookish & Babiecat for sharing your experiences, how many cycles did you have/ are having? I will be having 6 cycles which will take me into December. Which will be exactly a year of treatments since my diagnosis. I’m soo done with it all ready to put the last year behind me! I developed restless legs the first time I started chemo which I still have also numbness in my hands and arms mainly at night I really hope these side effects will wear off. Have been told they can stay in your system for over a year finishing chemo.:slightly_frowning_face:xx

Mine was 8 cycles.

Make sure to allow yourself plenty of grace in the recovery phase. You’ve been through such a lot!

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Just finished the fourth and have a prescription for the next one, they haven’t said how many, next scan mid September then oncologist in October.

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Hi hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the festive season. How is everyone doing on their Capecitabine meds? I have just completed my fourth cycle out of six, the seven days break does not seem long enough. Is anyone having any side effects from Capecitabine? Beside feeling tired and lack of energy l have notice the pigmentation in my hands and feet are changing tone turning darker has anyone else notice this with their hands and feet, I hope this is only temporary while on the meds :slightly_frowning_face:
Take care all, look after yourselves and each other xx

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It happened to mee too, but it come back more normal, than my feet became really red, than now little more normal again. But definitely more pignented…
Along with that I have a little hand foot syndrom and a staffed feeling after I eat and some nausea. And a little depression too.
But everything come and goes and every cycle is different.
But I’m on it until is going to work, you only have 2 cycle left! So hold on thigh!!
Best wishes!

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Hi Amel thanks for replying, glad to hear im not the only one! Are you still on the meds, what cycle are you on, how do you know if the meds are working? I have no idea if my meds are working besides the side effects. Yep im counting down my cycles - can’t wait! Xx

I had liver, chest and bones metastasis, with high value of markers, transaminasis, and ldh. Now they all went back down to normal level, so the oncologist told me it is probably working. I have a PET scan at the end of January to see how is going…I have to say I’m terrified of my situation…
It is I think my 4th cycle or 5th…