Capecitabine dosage

I’ve been on Cape for a week but my daily dosage is
3300mg (1650mg twice daily). Is anyone else on this dosage? I thought the normal dose was around 2500mg a day.
Love bev xxx

Morning Bev :slight_smile:
It is based on your height and weight ratio so I don’t think here is a ‘normal’ with this drug although most of us seem to be on a similar dosage. I have been on 1450mg twice a day but this is at 80% of the original dosage I was prescribed. I found the 100% dose too difficult to cope with and the oncologists try to get it right so that you can bear any side effects but the drug is still effective. It has worked well for me for over 16 months which is great considering it’s not the right chemotherapy combination for me.
Hope it works well for you.
Nicky x

Thanks Nicky. Been on it 8 days but no side effects yet…think they prob come later lol! X

Hi Bev I am just starting my 5th cycle of 2 weeks on and 1 week of 1500 x twice a day and so far no effects just extra tired towards end of cycle.
I was going to ask for a break for a holiday 1st week in August but being as it is very doable I will crack on with it.I hope you find it is as kind to you and send you love and best wishes also hello to NIcky who I draw a lot of comfort and advice from reading her posts. love Macie x x

Thanks Macie. They told me I’m having 3 cycles initially so wondering what will happen after they scan me towards end. I assume I’ll start another few cycles? How much shrinkage do they expect to see before they give you a break?
Glad to hear you’ve had no s/e’s yet…what will you do about the holiday? As its so doable will they let you ho away while on them?
Bev xxxx

A big thank you ladies for all your valuable information and advice. Where would we be without this forum? :heart::heart::heart:

Dani thats fantastic that your markers have dropped so much…I would push for that holiday definitely! Cant imagine that a short break would interfere with treatment…but I’m new to all this. Your hol plans sound idyllic.
Re dosages…im 5’3 and 10st 4lb and on 3300mg a day. so your dosage is higher than mine despite being a lot lighter than me. I thought my dose would have had to be in the higher bracket due to the size of my mets. Only have 2 but 5cm and 2.5cm…and they’re on edge of right lung around windpipe. Dont know of many ladies with mets presenting like mine?
love Bev xxx