Capecitabine - For Primary Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Hello everyone


I have decided to start a thread here for the following rather new treatement - Capecitabine - For Primary Triple Negative Breast Cancer.


When looking on the forum I struggled to find anything in relation to this adjuvant treatment for Primary Breast Cancer. I could find information on the forums for this drug being used for Secondary treatement however as the dose we receive differs I hoped to get more of an idea of how this might impact us all. I would have found finding this thread comforting.


Also it may help us TNBC ladies to connect a little more.


I started Capecitabine on the 20th of November and taking 5 x 500g tablets twice a day. Must be taken with food and swalowed with water only. Advice given to date is other than for personal hygene to keep feet and hands dry. Use gloves when cleaning or preparing food. Use a cream (nurse recomedned Aveeno) every morning and evening to keep skin moisterised.


So far I feel it may be a little too soon to tell if I am experiencing side effects from the treatment so far as it is accumlative in terms of impact and side effects. I may be getting a little more fatigued but this could be due to other changes in my lifestyle and a change of routine to accomodate the tablets.

Hi Euby, I’m also TN. I’ve had a lumpectomy & breast reduction & am now waiting to meet with the oncologist to find out next steps. I’ve not heard of the drug that you are taking, are you also having intravenous chemo??

Euby, thanks for explaining. I hope any side effects remain at bay for you. Take care x