Capecitabine / Xeloda / Urea Cream

I hope I am allowed to post this :slight_smile:

Anyone suffering from hand/foot syndrome who doesn’t get urea cream (e.g. Udderly Smooth) on prescription might like to check out Aldi this week, as they have a 10% urea foot cream and a 5% urea hand cream on offer, both at £1.99 each, which sounds like very good value to me.

Best wishes to all,

Julie x

Thanks for this - I shall be there first thing tomorrow! I have very dry hands and dreadful nails (I blame 8 years on Herceptin) and I do find that ‘cracked heel cream’ or something like that is all that works for longer than five minutes.
Let’s hope that our Aldi has the creams


Thanks for the tip! Aldi is great 4a bargain!
Can I also recommend flexitol cream- i’d been forking out on udderly cream at £8 a pop + got a huge 500mg pump action tub of flexitol off my gp last week. It’s got 10% urea + I think it’s better than the udderley smooth.
Tina x


I got myself a tube of both the hand and the foot cream and will give them a go. I did notice that the ‘Cracked Heel Cream’ from Champneys that I have been using on my hands has a whopping 25% urea!! It is more expensive than Aldi but might be worth looking at if you are having real problems.