Capecitabine Xeloda

Sorry for one more post about capecitabine but I juzt started and I want some more info!
So I just started Xeloda, the oncologist told me to avoid sun almost complitely, but for bone metastasis I’m supposed to take a little bit of sun. Is sun exposure been a huge problem for somebody? I definitely will not expose myself in between 11 and 16, but after they told me to avoid sun I’m afraid even of the mild sun…is that a problem?
Also they told me to always take capecitabine on full stomac, what if I eat a small breakfast? Or if I skip breakfast? Can I eat Xeloda anyways?

One more thing, I read HFS mean capecitabine is working, so if I don’t get it, or eventually I will stop having HFS, does that mean xeloda stopped working or doesn’t work? Anybody lasted long time on it without HFS?

Thank you everybody, you are beeng my bigger support at the moment!

I have an actimel yogurt in the morning before taking my tabs and a small snack in the evenings, I take it at 6-6:30, I literally eat snack and take tabs as a couple of times I ate the snack and forgot the pills u til an hour later! It’s a pain having to wake up at six on a Sunday! I was told if you have an empty stomach you have more chance of having more side effects. I work on a farm for a living and am often in the sun although try to avoid strong sun , strong sun makes me feel sick but mild sun does nothing… so I think a little stroll in the evenings or ih the shade would be ok.

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I never knew that about HFS, makes it a positive thing!

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@Babiecat thank you for your replay! Now I’m little less scared of the sun.
I used to work in a farm for living for many years too, but now I just do my own vegetable garden. Seem like you kept your strenght, that is an hard work, I know that!

I milk 100 cows on my own each morning, then look after calves and heifers, I love my work but it’s hard work now, I lack my old strength, I just do mornings now and sometimes come home, eat lunch and sleep! But I need work as a therapy! I do the garden at weekends if I have the strength, find it hard to give in to fatigue but have no choice. Keep going, hopefully one day it will all go away!


Wow you are definitely in a good shape! I know healthy people that wouldnt be able to do that :slightly_smiling_face:
Let keep hoping!

I am just about to start taking Xeloda and was not told anything about avoiding the sun- I do live in the UK and we don’t get much sun :joy: so maybe that’s not a big problem here. Do you know why they said to avoid sun?

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I actually didn’t know either…and nothing happened. May be just be careful a first and see how it goes…
Mostly if you have too much hand foot syndrom reduce food with too much folate.
Best wishes with this treatment!