Hi, does anyone know/have experience of capecitabine does it cause hair loss

No hair loss but some thinning. I had very thick hair, now I need a fringe and I’ve stopped using conditioner as it looks lank otherwise. Capecitabine is one of the ‘kinder’ drugs (my skin looks amazing, my weight is maintained and my appetite is good), but it does have side effects, varying from person to person. Fatigue was the worst for me but my body adapted after a few cycles and I’m ok now. Still got to sort out the bowels though. It can be harsh on the system. I’ve had very good results so far. Fingers crossed.

Good luck xx

Hello I have just finished 1 of 8 rounds and my scalp is painful.  I’m hoping I don’t lose it again either as it’s just come back in after my original chemo ?