I would like to seek some views/opinions from those of you on Capecitabine.


My Partner has been receiving Chemo since September for secondary her breast cancer. Her Oncologist has stopped the placitaxel and told her she will be starting on capecitabine tablets this week.


Many thanks.







there is a thead on this forum titlesd ‘Xeloda/capecitibane - you top tips please’


it is a very busy thread and lots of the posters are using capecitibane currently . Including me, I have just finished my third cycle and am finding it very tolerable and my results are very encouraging .


you will get loads of info on there.


Very nice to see that you are supporting your partner…good luck to both of you…



I have had two cycles of cape but hard to stop halfway through because of severe diahorea. Seeing onc tom orrow to discuss options. Not keen to stop cape if it’s working . Hope they can reduce dose.