Has anyone been given this for primary BC? I am really interested to know who and when people are being prescribed Capectabine. I have heard it can reduce the risk of recurrence for TNBC. 

My wife’s oncologist has prescribed us Capecitabine for 1 year. We are still confused about whether to go for it or not as it is quite new research. She was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and has shown a complete pathological response to chemo and there was no residual disease left after surgery.

You can read this research: SYSUCC-001 “Effect of Capecitabine Maintenance Therapy Using Lower Dosage and Higher Frequency vs Observation on Disease-Free Survival Among Patients With Early-Stage Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Who Had Received Standard Treatment”.

Hi Michelle 

I am taking capecitabine for primary TNBC. I didn’t get a complete response to my first chemo and my SNB showed a small tumour in a lymph note that hadn’t showed up on scans. 
I’m doing 8 cycles of this but I’m only 2 weeks in so can’t tell you too much about it but so far I’ve not really had any side effects to speak of. 
I didn’t read any research on it but my lovely oncologist definitely thought it was worth doing.