Car Insurance - Do i have to disclose my BC??

Hi All

My car insurance is due and im in process of getting quotes etc and the question of ‘do you have a medical condition?’ keeps popping up and im bit concerned whether i need to disclose BC or not. I cant see how this could affect my insurance quote or my driving for that matter but worried if i dont disclose it and i have an accident my insurance will be void…or am i just over analysing?

Most are not bothered and it does not effect your premium. However I know some have issues with you driving if you are on chemo, so it is definitely worth telling them.


Hi Clare

When I had my op I was told to tell insurance co to make sure I would be covered after op to drive but you only have to tell them of a medical condition if it is also one you have to tell the DVLA about??? ie one that can affect driving Hope that makes sense but basically no you don’t need to or that was how I understood it???


Never thought about this before! I would say that it would be better to mention it than not to. I wouldn’t have thought it would have affected your insurance but having worked for an insurance company - I know that they look for a “get out” if they can find one! But that is going back 20 years so might have changed by now!

Hopefully someone will pop along and give a more helpful response to your question than mine.

I contacted my insurance company and they said they were not interested unless it was DVLA notifiable.


Hi Clare

My Oncologist said to check with my car insurance company that it was ok for me to drive myself after my chemo sessions as different insurance companies have different rules. Better to play safe and see what they say rather than find that they have an issue with it if you just happen to have to make a claim.

Happy driving


Thanks for the responses peeps x

We got ours through M&S and got a discount when we told them about my diagnosis…?! Go figure…!!