car insurance

hi reading all this about travel insurance i just had my car renewal and it says about medical problems do we have to mention it.

I’m not totally sure whether I’m correct here but I have a feeling that if you have lung mets and it affects how you can drive you should inform the DVLA (in the same way if you suffer from epilepsy) but don’t quote me on this! This might, in turn, affect car insurance.

As you are not in that situation I wouldn’t think it would be an issue because having ‘primary breast cancer’ doesn’t stop you from being able to drive a car. I would think there’s something in the small print that explains what they mean by ‘medical problems’. I must admit I have never been aware of this and was initially diagnosed 12 years ago and have had no problems.


To get a definitive answer try the DVLA website but I have had car insurance since before I had BC, renewed every year without any declaration. You do however have a duty to report epilepsy, coronary heart surgery, stroke and deterioration of your sight.

I did ask Swintons when I renewed but they weren’t interested unless it was a medical problem that DVLA says disqualifies me from driving. I imagine there would be a list somewhere on the DVLA website, but anyway bc not a prob.


I am insured for my car with Norwich Union. I have never been asked if I had a medical problem that renders me unfit to drive, or otherwise. I have Crohn’s as well as bc, and have never been able to get life insurance,critical illness, medical travel insurance or private medical care because of the Crohn’s since I was dx in 1970. Kind of makes me think at 63 yrs now, that I have bucked their evaluation of my early demise. Saved me a fortune in the process, and have always put money into savings in case of catastrophic illness for private care out of my own pocket.


lizziecee - if you pay by monhtly direct debit with NU then you have a free insurance on the premiums ( called Premium Guard) which means you can claim back the premiums for the time you are being treated for BC. I only noticed this recently when doing some paper shuffling! Rang them & they were v helpful. You have to fill in some forms but nothing too onerous. Doesnt affect yr car insurance or premiums as a diff dept.Hope this info is of use !