Car Insurance

Hi, folks. I have a problem.

Had masctectomy 2 and half years ago. It has just occured to me, do I have to tell the car insurance company that I have had breast cancer.

Thnaks to anyone who can put me straight

I was told I had to tell car ins. people after whole before I drove again. The hospital advised me I could start again. Rang the car ins. up and they weren’t bothered. It wasn’t the breast cancer but the driving after surgery. However, it is always wise to let insurers know all the facts otherwise they will try to wriggle out of any compensation. Sure it will make no difference.
So my question is, what car insurance to use?

That is a very interesting question!  Like you I informed my insurers when I had had surgery (they didn’t even ask what surgery!) and that he hospital had given the all clear to drive again.  But I hadn’t ever thought about informing them I had a cancer diagnosis.


I found this online:


It says,


Insurance company restrictions

Insurers can take account of DVLA restrictions on the type of vehicle you’re licensed to drive. They can insure you to drive only in circumstances for which you have a valid driving licence.

Insurers can also temporarily put the price up or increase your policy excess while you’re getting used to a new disability or condition. They can only do this if there’s evidence that you are an increased risk during this period.

Increased charges

Insurance companies can charge more to reflect the increased cost of providing a service – for example, covering repairs for an individual vehicle that’s been specially adapted to meet your needs.

When to tell your insurance company

The AA say you have a duty of disclosure to your insurance company. This means you must tell your insurance company about any diagnosis as soon as possible. You could have trouble making a claim later if you don’t do this.


So, it looks like we should all be informing out car insurers of the diagnosis, but they shouldn’t be increasing the cost unless your vehicle is adapted or there is evidence that you are an increased risk.

That can happen to anyone, so it’s fine, I guess.

Dealing with insurance can be a maze, right? I had a health hiccup, too. I let my car insurance know, and like you said, they were chill. They are a pretty understanding crew. I also use the insurance from this company (Cyclist Liability | Sundays) for my bike. It’s worth a call to keep things transparent. Take care!