Carboplatin buddies needed, anyone currently. On this drug?

Would be pleased to chat to anyone currently having this chemo. Am interested to hear how things are going.



Hi moijan
I had this chemo from msy-aug last year and had a good response managed a year off which was wonderful. Some progression in liver now so just deciding where to go from here possible suggestion is e/e combo which I see you have had how did u find it?
Regards to carboplatin side effects for me were nausea abdominal bloating and constipation. Nausea would lstart 2 days after infusion and last about a week but then I would have 2 fairly good weeks before starting again - I was able to enjoy lots of hols in between! Hope it’s kind to you and you get a good response.
Sarah x

Morning Moijan, I was on this chemo, it was part of a combination with gemcitabine. Experienced nausea and fatigue and one of the drugs does knock your bloods so had to miss the second week of cycle 2. Unfortunately was only able to have 3 cycles as latest scan showed progression in liver and bones. Have been told now that I have exhausted all treatment options which is hard to hear especially when I am feeling well.