Carboplatin- your experiences please :)

Hi ladies
after a nasty local recurrence last aug, I’m now being regularly scanned to check for further progression, which is sadly expected. I had ct+ bone scans on tues + am expecting to start chemo in the next few wks coz I know there is more local ‘activity’ (despite intensive rads). I also know there were visible nodes around the collarbone but am awaiting the written scan report for more details.
Carboplatin is planned for me next. Can any of you tell me how u found this compared to initial chemos like fec + tax? I’ve heard it’s harsh on blood counts - is that your experience? Also, did u lose your hair? Just trying to mentally prepare in advance for nxt wks onc appt coz I think chemo will start quickly.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
love tina x

wishing you well, sorry cant help on the question though.

Hi Tina,

So sorry to hear or your worries re progression, and hope that the CT and bone scan results will be encouraging.

I am currently on Carboplatin, having it in conjunction with gemcitabine on a 3 weekly cycle. My original diagnosis was in 2008, when I had 4 AC followed by 4 Tax (followed by mastectomy and rads) so sounds similar to your background. In Feb 2010 bone mets were found, and I started the carboplatin/gem in July - now on my last (8th) cycle.

So side effects: no hair loss, and generally much, much easier than my first chemo, especially the taxotere. I have some taste changes and very slight mouth soreness each time, and find that I am pretty tired on day 5 of the cycle, but otherwise nothing.

However, you are right that it is very harsh on blood counts, and this is the one area where I have suffered. My counts were low enough to need a transfusion of 1 unit of blood after the first one, but my oncologist was encouraging (or diplomatic!) saying that he had tried me on a high dose as I am relatively young and fit(!), but it was too much and so the dose was reduced for future cycles.

He also gave me an extra week between cycles 4 and 5 to give my bone marrow time to recover - and I was scanned at that point, the results showed that it seems to be working very well.

Since then I have unfortunately had to have blood transfusions again for both cycle 7 and 8, although the most recent one was partly due to be very run down with swine flu. I’ve also had another extra week break between cycles 7 and 8, and for this last cycle they are splitting the carboplatin in 2, so I had half a dose yesterday and will get my final half next wednesday.

I hope this talk of blood transfusions doesn’t sound too frightening as it is not, and it is amazing what a difference it makes - visibly improving from grey and tired to pink and healthy each time! It is worth keeping an eye on your temperature though so that any problems are picked up early.

Despite the blood count problems, I would still say that this has been quite an easy regime, and a successful one - I wish you every success on it too!

Julie x

tHanks hattie :slight_smile:
julie thanks so much for sharing your experiences of carboplatin- doesn’t sound too bad thank god! Great news that it’s working for you too- long may that continue. So glad I won’t lose my hair again (even if it is short, coarse + wavy thanks to chemo last year!!). I have a little boy aged 20mths so I’m relieved that it’s easier than fec+ tax. I really don’t want to spend whatever time I have left with him sick as a dog.
Praying for good news next week!! Thanks again julie X
Anyone else tried carboplatin?
Tina x

Hi …

I had carboplatin but hard to say re side affects cos I had it with Tax…

I did suffer with awful blood counts…hospitalised twice due to neutropenic…had to inject myself 7 days after it to boost the White cells…had to do this with each cycle!

Never had to have a transfusion tho…just lots of iv drips, antibiotics and two lots of isolation!

Good luck to you :slight_smile: xx