Care Oncology Clinic and repurposing of offpatent drugs


Does anyone have experience of this clinic or of using repurposed offpatent drugs alongside conventional NHS standard treatments? 



I think there is a thread somewhere about this, but I haven’t been able to source it. There was also a mention some time ago in the Telegraph about this. Know it’s not a medical journal, but interesting. I’ll keep hunting. X

I have been on it since August. Not much to report- just taking medication - no side effects of note. You may want to research as there are many other repurposed drugs that can be used for their anticancer properties and that do not form part of COC protocol - dipiridamole , chloroquine , lotaridone , propranolol and some others.

No idea how effective they are.

  • Hi I started on their protocol a couple of weeks ago. I had an hour consultation with a qualified and experienced oncologist. It seems worth a try to me! My NHS oncologist said there is no conflict with my Fulvestrant/ Ribociclib