Remembering Carolyn who made such a difference to so many of us with her cheerfulness and sense of humour. So sadly missed.

Beautiful lady who made everyone smile with her sense of humour and wit.  I will miss you Carolyn you supported me in so many ways over the last two years with your wise inspiring words. RIP xx

Carolyn, You were a special lady and quite a character! I won’t forget how much you enjoyed chocolate, sweets, fried chicken and PJ’s. You were a fantastic Grandmom always having a special place in your heart for your teenager grandson. I enjoyed sharing pictures with you of your newest set of twins and my little Charlotte. You made us all laugh through this crazy journey of ours. I already miss our daily conversations!  Hugs to your family and friends! RIP my friend! FF

I have only just read the news about Carolyn such a shock!

She was always around on the forum and supported so many ladies.

Condolences to her family and friends. ?

Only just seen this post…I am so deeply saddened to read about Carolyn (52) having finally been taken from the world. She was a constant here, a bcc stability and strength who impacted on so so many other women. It is the fact she was a constant here for years, despite her often poor prognosis, that it felt like she would always be amongst us. Sadly, not. My best wishes to her family and be sure that amongst thousands of us…Carolyn was a star that shone.

Our deepest sympathies to all Carolyns’ family and friends.

She was an amazing supporter on the Forum and her presence will be very much missed.

If anyone wishes extra support, please remember out free Helpline, 0808 800 6000, they are there to support you as well as offer clinical help.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer