carpal tunnel syndrome

Hi there. It’s a year since I finished my radiotherapy. I am having tests for carpal tunnel syndrome due to pins and needles and pains in my wrist. I am taking exemastane. Is anyone having same symptoms please?


Hi, yes i had awful carpal tunnel whilst on exemestane. I am now on letrozole and the carpal tunnel symptoms happen very rarely. Maybe u could swap drug? X


I have just been changed from Arimidex to Examestane for same symptoms…is it not an inherent problem with AI’s…just told myself to get a grip and get on with it!


tezz I am on exemestane and the carpal tunnel happened after I’d been on it for about 2 months. I am very very happy to say that I swapped to taking pill in morning and the carpal tunnel se went. Maybe that will work for you too?
Now been on it for ten months and not too many probs. Didn’t have rads though. Hope you get this sorted soon, it’s so painful! x xx