Cataract and letrozole

Hi all.
Finished chemo in October 2016 and started letrozole in November. A few weeks later my vision starred to go blurred. I went to my optician who said my vision had changed a lot. Slowly it’s was getting worse in both eyes and phoned the to see if I could have my eyes checked again. Now I have cataract in both eyes and waiting on a date for surgery. I’m 48 years old. Has anybody else had this? X

Hiya …sorry you have had problems …not sure of whether it’s a known side effect . I had cipra brand of letrozole a couple of times and got really blurry fuzzy eyes but when I switched back to accord. .it cleared up.
Hope all goes well for you.
Hugs xx

Hi Gaybar,
Totally unrelated to bc, but my husband developed cataracts at about the same age, sometimes it can happen anyway.
He’s had surgery for both & his vision has been absolutely
fine ever since.
ann x

Hi gaybar
I think I’m on a similar time scale as you. I had my eyes checked in February and I have the start of a cataract in one eye. Apparently this was due to the steroids which makes sense. I have noticed one eye has deteriorated since being on letrozole but haven’t had them rechecked yet.
Sue x

Thanks all. Wasn’t sure if it was down to a mixture of treatment I’ve had. Tamoxifen for 5 years then chemo, steroids, letrozole and zoladex. Thankfully with surgery my vision will be ok. Just felt a bit fed up this week with one thing and another. Doesn’t help with my 3 monthly scan looming x

Thanks. It’s not a nice feeling. It keeps making me feel a bit dizzy and I am not comfortable driving now. Hopefully my vision will be a lot better once I’ve had it done.