Hi has anyone taken CBD oil or 5-HTP with tamoxifen? Having joint pain and hot flushes. 


I can’t answer your question but, regarding the hot flushes, have you tried different brands? I’m sure there have been threads in the past where people have noted specific brands are more likely to cause particular side effects. I’m on Anastrozole and the Accord brand suits me well. As soon as my pharmacists supplies something different, I get hot flushes. My pharmacist says it’s scientifically nonsense but plays along with me when possible. It may well be scientific nonsense but there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence to back it up! It would be worth searching for earlier threads (2020/2019) on Tamoxifen to see which brands are favoured.

All the best xx

I tried, but I was sick.Cannabis vomiting syndrome mainly occurs in people who smoke marijuana often and in large quantities (at least 1 gram per day). The cause of CVS can be chemicals that are used in the process of growing cannabis. In particular, an organic pesticide is neem oil, obtained from the seeds of the woody plant neem. Many people vomit after smoking marijuana bought on the black market. When they switch to legal cannabis, the syndrome disappears. Try to change the supplier and find the best online weed dispensary in your town.

Hello! It’s important to always consult with your healthcare provider before taking any new supplements or medications, especially if you’re already taking tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is a medication used to treat and prevent breast cancer and it can interact with certain substances, including CBD oil and 5-HTP. Your healthcare provider can provide you with personalized advice on whether it’s safe for you to take these supplements and if they could potentially help with your joint pain and hot flushes.