I have HER2+ Breast cancer and am looking for cbd oil or cannabis oil for treatment.
I understand that CBD and THC are needed to help HER2 + Breast cancer and that THC is illegal but I am willing to break the law to save my own life.
If anyone could give me any info on where to purchase the best highest percentage CBD and THC or how to even make it on my own I would be very grateful.
Thanks for reading ?

Can anyone help?

Hi Live life

i have just started using CBD oil the legal one I have drops and capsules I al have one to help me sleep only been on it 10 days I take a capsules.e in morning and a couple of drops of the liquid at tea time then around 21 00 hours I take the sleeping one it is called sunset and the one I take at tea time comes in different strengths I went for Blue which is middle I think

 the starting one is  green and there is a purple and the top one is red 


sorry can not help you more at this point 

perhaps if I see any improvement I will let you know if I am still around 




I recently saw a video clip of a lady called Joy Smith, who appeared on This Morning and spoke of how CBD and THC “cured” her cancer.


On the programme with her was a research consultant on cannabis consumption, who said that although there have been no double blind and controlled clinical trials, and although it doesn’t work for all cancers and for all individuals, around 25 years of tissue and animal studies apparently show that the effects of treating cancer with cannabidiol can have remarkable results. It would seem that this cuts off the the blood  to tumour tissues, thereby shrivelling them and eventually causing a programmed death of cancer cells.     


Setting aside any scientific, legal, ethical and moral arguments concerning the promotion and use of CBD and THC, I note that this lady has started a peition via change org to get it legalised for medical use. There are currently just over 67,000 signatures. There are also other related petitions to do the same, so it is being taken seriously.







Hello ,I am waiting to start treatment  I have breast cancer , it has returned after an all clear of 8 years. I am taking the oil plus Letrozole. I have had a PET scan last week so when I go and see Oncologist again they might start me on zometa and the chemo CDK4/6.  Havd had to have 3 teeth out so this has delayed my starting of treatment ,plus I have had to have 2 stents fitted. I take oil twice a day and it is difficult to get but you can get it if you ask around. I believe the ones sold in health shops are not strong enough.what area do you live ? 

Ive been looking into the use of CBD and THC oil too. Someone I know takes a 1:1 ratio oil to alleviate treatment symptoms e.g. pain, nausea. She has been living with very pesky mets for some years and been through the mill and back. She is not taking it with a view to influencing the cancer itself though I see some people do see it as being key to their cancer status improvement. 


A wee story … as you may know, a form if it is now able to be prescribed on the NHS in certain circumstances e.g. muscle spasm and pain in MS. A friend if mine, now gone, used to live in fesr as her son procured cannabis for her to smoke to alleviate those very symptoms. She was terrified he would be found out. It’s only taken 43 yrs for research to agree with what she knew.

I am about to Start chemo and wondered did you find please


I’ve been looking into this recently too.


I read this review of CBD oils and found it very informative. I went for blessed, the medium strength (due to cost!). I think it helps with pain. I have metastases in my bones and was told to take paracetamol four times a day. For the past week I’ve had cbd oil four times a day instead and I think there is the same effect as paracetamol.

There are some studies showing CBD can fight cancer so that is the other reason I bought it. Who knows if it will help!!!

Hello Livelife

I took l pure cannabis oil for two months after my secondary diagnosis.

Unfortunately it did not cure my cancer. Someone told me that is I did a second round it might work. I did a couple more months on a lower amount but still not cured.

It cost me £2,000 and I could not afford to do that again.

It also knocked me out, I had to time when I took it as I couldn’t drive when I’d just taken it. It made me feel very “out of control” as it’s so strong and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

I’m going to try CBD oil now and see how that works.

Sorry to be a bit negative, I had hoped with all my heart it would cure me.

I take a lot of natural supplements as well as my pharma drugs. 

Good luck with your journey.


I have bought CBD oil for my daughter-in-law too help with pain from fibromyalgia and it’s works really well.

I’ve just bought some for my cancer.

I buy it from “Infinity CBD” and 3,000mg is £80 per bottle.