CBD oil

Hi everyone,

My mother in law has stage 3 breast cancer and she also has a heart condition. For the past 12 months since she has been diagnosed she has been receiving chemo via tablets to try and shrink the tumour as they have not been able to operate due to the location of it and it being so close to her heart.

The tablets she has been taking have not worked and the tumour has now doubled in size and is measuring 12 to 16 cm! The tumour has interwoven with the tissue around her heart and her chest wall so she is now starting IV chemo to reduce the size of the tumour in the hope that they will be able to operate and remove it. 

This is our last hope. My mother in law is only in her 60s and my husband has only just turned 40. We are not ready to lose her, it would cause such a devastating loss to our family as we are all so close. 

We have heard that CBD oil is great for helping stop the growth of cancerous tumours and can also help to shrink them. None if us have any experience with CBD oil and after a trip to Boots and Holland and Barrett I am still none the wiser ad there are so many different products and they aren’t allowed to give any advice on what they do, only what’s in them. 

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of CBD oil and could recommend anything or help us to understand. 

My mother in law is happy to try anything that will help to save her life and will speak to her consultants before taking anything.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum , Im so sorry your mother in law is having such a difficult time . Hopefully the chemotherapy will have more impact than the previous treatment . It is very frustrating with CBD oil that you cannot get advice from the outlets that sell it ( like you say they are not allowed ). When researching myself regarding its use for pain ( neuropathy ) I found it very hard to get helpful information ,you can only really get information on line by doing your own research .If you do decide to give CBD oil a go you must run it past the Oncologist in case of any possible interactions with the chemo treatment . Hoping for the best for you all . Best wishes Jill c

There have been some discussions already in this forum on CBT and THC. I can’t remember specifics about them but I know they had good information. I would just plug in “CBT” or “THC” in the search all content field and see what comes up. I wish you much luck and I’m so sorry you all are having such a difficult time.