Hi just wondering does anyone take cbd oil at all or tablets? I have secondary in my bones and just wondered if anyone who is in the same situation takes any cbd oil or tablets at all? 

Hi Sarah,

My mum has been taking CBD, CBG oils in the form of drops and THC capsules as suppositories. She took them for only 3 months from Sept 2020, because our supply has ran out. We get our supply from abroad and believe they have been confiscated which has been very upsetting and stressful. We’ve ordered more and hopefully they are on their way!!! Last time I snatched them from the postman. I was so relieved!! I just hope they make it here again. 

The oils are great for anxiety, help you to sleep better, help induce an appetite, great pain relief etc… it’s the THC which is the powerful stuff and is illegal and comes in suppository form, because it is so strong, but it is supposed to help reduce and kill cancer cells. There are ongoing studies in Madrid and Israel. Whether it works on breast cancer or not, is unclear, but we will try anything!!! Olivia Newton John has secondary bc in her bones and is a great advocate of the stuff. 

My mums tumour markers were 20 to begin with and they reduced to 10. Now they have gone back up to 13. The only thing to change is that the oils have been stopped for 6 weeks. I know tumour markers are not a significant indicator of anything really, so it could be coincidence! Her first scans are in January and even then, she is also taking traditional meds. Hopefully everything will be stable, but we won’t know for sure what is working best! 

Hi Sarah,

I started taking CBD oil for anxiety and inflammation in the summer of this year.  I spoke to my Oncologist about it first.  I was never a believer in this stuff as I had tried it previously and didn’t feel it did anything for me.  I switched brands a few times and then I found one which seemed to have some effect I think, so I stuck at it and I do think it has helped me in a few ways.

Hello Sarah,

I’ll advise you use CBD oil as it is best known for treating pains and inflammation. I had joint pain November last year a friend advised me to take CBD oil. I used it for just 2 weeks and I was not feeling the pain again