CEA and CA 15-3

Hi All,

I have been having tumour markers done every month as well as 3 monthly ct scans. Last ct scan in March showed some possitive healing of bone mets and no progression but my last CEA reading has gone up.
My oncologist has switched me from tamoxifen to femara and is talking about xeloda, if the markers continue to rise.

Does this seem a normal plan? He has previously always said that chemo doesn’t work well on bone mets so I have never had any treatment other than hormonal so far. Am feeling very confused.


Hi Rachel

I hope chemo does work on bone mets because I’m halfway through my course of six! I was put on chemo because Tamoxifen wasn’t working (or at least wasn’t working fast enough for my onc to be happy with it) and my markers were rising. His theory is to use the chemo to get the markers down and then put me on Arimidex or Femara. I have a scan next week to see the fuller picture.

I know there are several people here with bone mets who are on Xeloda - Belinda is the lady who immediately springs to mind and I know she’s getting really good results from it.

I would say from my very limited experience that it sounds like a good plan

Lesley xx

Thanks Leslie,

My oncologist has always been so anti chemo despite having read about ladies similar to yourself that are having chemo and have had really good results form it. There was one lady on here who after chemo is still NED.
I think I’m at the stage now where if the disease is still so active lets hit it with the hard stuff. Hope your chemo is going well and your scan results are good too.


Thanks Rachel - I seem to be coping remarkably well with the chemo at the moment, let’s hope that doesn’t mean it’s not working properly. My onc also wanted to hit it with the hard stuff, really hard stuff in my case, but my markers have started to drop (a bit, not much) so I suppose that’s encouraging …

Good luck with your treatment and hope your markers start dropping soon

Lesley xx

Hi Rachel and Lesley…Rachel like you I have regular markers taken. If my markers rise and there’s an upwards trend I’m put onto a different treatment. My markers are very reliable and in the 5 and a bit years I’ve been diagnosed with bone mets I’ve had Tamoxifen, Arimidex (Arimidex worked for over 2 and a half years) and the one treatment which didn’t work, Aromasin. I’ve been on Xeloda for a year now and my markers show no signs of any cancer activity…they are reading the same as anyone with no cancer. Good Luck…x
Hi Lesley…those markers are heading in the right direction. Hope they continue. My bc has always been slow to react to any treatment and then it suddenly seems to kick in. Good Luck…x

Thanks belinda for your post. Last week was a bit of a shock as I’ve only been on Tamoxifen 4 months. But having done some reading since then, the change in treatment seems to be a good one.
Thanks again

I have mets in bone and peretinium. Dx Jan 07, mets couple weeks later. I didn’t have chemo (onc said wanted to leave that option till I really needed it), started on Tamoxifen, on it a year when tumour makers started to rise. Had ovaries removed and put on Femara and markers have continued to drop since (been on it 14 months now).

Luckily I’ve responded well, so far, to hormone treatment, and my markers are still done every 3 months.

Take care x

Hi Ladies

I have had chemo for bone mets and have been NED since March 2008 (I was diagnosed in September 2007). I had my last scan in March this year and that was still clear so have faith, chemo does work on bone mets :slight_smile:

Take care everyone.

Love Tish xx