Celebrity diagnosis causes anxiety to come flooding back

Happy New Year all!

I searched the forum, but did not see anything on this topic. If I’ve missed something, please direct me!

Does reading news about celebrities/famous folks being diagnosed with breast cancer cause anyone else’s anxiety to spike? I know even the most famous are still human, but I think such news hits me hard because I assume they have access to the high-quality care and doctors.

I was quite saddened to read that Martina Navratilova has a second primary BC, 12 years after her first. I am glad to hear it was caught early, just like her first BC. But, it just reminds me of how exhausting it can be to feel like I must always be at a heightened level of vigilance. It seems just when I start to feel back to normal, news like this slaps me in the face.

I grew up watching Martina and Chris Everett duelling it out on the court. Martina later moved to the city where I grew up, so she felt like a hometown hero. I’m trying to focus on her positive attitude, but it can be a challenge.

What does everyone else do when such news causes anxiety?

Here’s to a happy, healthy new year for us all!

Hello @murnaloo  

No need to apologise for your post. 
I agree it is quite shocking and distressing to hear of celebrities being diagnosed with breast cancer especially when you’ve had breast cancer. 
Personally when I hear such news I have several thoughts: just like you one is “celebrities” whoever they may be are exactly the same as you and me ie human! 
The perception that “celebrities” will automatically have “better” healthcare I just don’t subscribe to: the doctors and nurses who work in our NHS are just as (if not more) competent than private healthcare doctors and many work in both sectors: I’m just very grateful that these people exist along with all the researchers and scientists that have been before to make breast cancer treatment what it is today and will continue to evolve  

Unfortunately (currently) breast cancer doesn’t discriminate and the statistics on the number of women who will develop it (1 in 7/8?) and news of anyone developing breast cancer be it someone in the news or a friend or acquaintance just remind me of this statistic 

On the plus side having now been treated for breast cancer myself I have a greater understanding of what treatment involves and understand much better that a diagnosis doesn’t equal imminent death: there are so many thousands of ladies who are living happy healthy long lives having been diagnosed and treated at some point in their lives. 
This doesn’t however take away from the reminder that we have heard those words “you have breast cancer” and trigger memories of treatment and the dreaded word “recurrence” something we all live with: I heard a good way of how to live with that word by describing it as a weight in your shoulder some days (eg reminder days like hearing news of a celebrity or mammogram day) it feels a bit heavier but then other days when you’ve far more interesting better things to think about it’s much lighter and it’s all about living the best life you can with as light a weight as possible but acknowledging that some days it might weigh a bit more 

Sending you love 

AM xxx

I totally get that. It is very confronting. The same was particularly true for me when Olivia Newton John died. It just feels as though, even with a long period of being cancer free, you will always succumb in the end, the only variable being how long you get before that happens.

Hi I also feel bloody anxious every time someone is diagnosed an everywhere you look cancer  is there , I’m a very positive person but find it daunting I’ve had all clear after surgery then chemo and radiotherapy, recently finished herceptin, still having Zometa treatment 3 more to go , I was desperate to finish all treatment an run away from hospital to get on with my life , whatever that is coz in between tiredness an fatigue I cannot get the energy to have a life , yet I breezed through chemo, I walked miles every day with my dog , I’m so grateful I’m here after losing my mother and 36 year old sister, now my dog runs his very dirty feet through  my kitchen an instead of getting the mop I slide through in my woolly socks an yeah clean floor haha , I’m buying new socks every week an everything’s irrelevant, I was told to be kind to myself so I am good luck an all the best xx


Yes, I tortured myself when I was going through treatment the same time as Sarah Harding.   Luckily for me I took the courage to say it out loud to my friend who instantly put me right and made me relax. 

Everyone’s journey is individual to them. 

One lady said it perfectly on here, deal with what is in your control.

we get to decide what we put in and on our bodies.  What we think about.   How we feel. What we do with our life.  These are our choices.

Personally I try not to listen to the news. I choose to live in my own positive happy bubble knowing I am doing the best I can