Celecoxib trial

Hi Everyone - not posted here previously but have been following few threads. I was DX with TNBC in August last year. WLE with ANC, followed by 6 rounds of FEC-T and have just completed 18 sessions of RT. I want to ask if anyone has been offered a place on clinical trial called REACT: a trial of Celecoxib versus placebo in patients with primary breast cancer. If so, how are you getting on with the trial? any SE’s and have you been asked as you were/are TN? Your thoughts will be appreciated.


Hi, I went on this trial but had to come off it as chemo triggered an arthritic reaction and I had to take anti-inflammatories which contraindicated the conditions of the trial. I suspect I had the placebo as I used to take Celebrex for joint problems and the trial drugs didn’t help my pains. 2 out of 3 will get the drug so it’s worth a try

thanks for your response Loupylou - however bit worried as one of the possible SE’s are heart problems. Will have to give this one a long hard think as pass 9 months have been hard and don’t really want to complicate matters further.

HI. I am on this REACT trial although stopped taking  Celecoxib a year ago. Had serious GI bleed earlier this year. Wouldn’t recommend anyone to go on this trial and to anyone already on it,  I advise to read all about Celecoxib online, ask your GP if they are allowed to prescribe it and if not why not. Also advise you to read the Patient Information Sheet carefully and check out for yourself all the claims about how safe this drug is.

Had I known at the start what I now know about Celecoxib I would never have agreed to take it.


Good Luck to everyone on the breast cancer journey.