Cellular Zeolite

Cellular Zeolite

Cellular Zeolite OK I keep seeing info about this stuff all over the web and cant tell if its a scam or not. Virtually everything I see is American based, including some sites that hammer the company that produces it for charging so much and profiting off others in pain, but a lot of the info is testamonials from “patients” who have had good results. Has anyone come across or used this at all, and will it help? I’ve put a link below to the article that I found on it, most of the info is near the bottom of the article. Just cut and paste the link into your web browser and click go



DETOX TREATMENT Looks like yet another of these detoxing treatments, of which there are oodles. This one appears to be based on minerals rather than herbal preparations. Cannot see why this is any better than what is already around.

Have a look at this link for more info