my wound became red and inflamed  as soon as I noticed I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics  am on duel dose now of flucloxacillin and augmentin . The seroma and swelling has vastly improved but the redness and sore feeling is still there .

Has anyone been through this I am worried the wound will start to break down and also worried that it will delay chemotherapy

Anyone got any tips on how to improve healing ? I am already boosting my protein intake using milk shakes and eating plenty of chicken and fish etc  also taking vit c and zinc supplements generally


Hi Gill. When did you have your surgery? I would suggest going straight to your dressings clinic (see your BCN) rather than GP, if that’s what you did. For how long have you been on the antibiotics? Trust your instincts and insist on things being taken seriously if you think you are not healing properly - you don’t want to take a risk with infection. Good luck. xx

Hi, sorry to come to this thread late, but just noticed the subject, as I have just been prescribed antibiotics for cellulitis. My story is similar. I had an axillary clearance on 4th Dec and am waiting to start chemo. All was well until last Tuesday when the area over the seroma and around the wound went very red. My surgeon drained the seroma (second time) and sent it off for bacterial culture which was negative, I had to wait from Tuesday to Friday for those results  and my surgeon did not prescribe antibiotics in between. I went to the GP on friday afternoon and he prescribed the flucloxicillin. Did your cellulitis clear up OK? My wrist has become slightly swollen too and I am sure it is linked to the cellulitis under my arm. I am going back to the breast clinic on Tuesday but I wondered how your experience had turned out. x

best wishes