I’m new to the forum but have used the forum in the past to read about the the experiences of others. I was diagnosed in October 2013 with TNBC. I had a full ancillary clearance and a WLE on my right breast followed by 6 rounds of FEC-T and intensive radiotherapy. I have thankfully showed no signs of recurrence but have suffered from lymphoedema since. At Christmas 2013 I developed cellulitis. I remember struggling with the pain but things improving quickly once treated with antibiotics. On Sunday I developed early symptoms of cellulitis so attended my GP on Monday morning. She confirmed it was cellulitis again and has prescribed me with antibiotics again. Today however I have started with headaches as well as the general symptoms of cellulitis. I don’t remember headaches last time so just wondered if this needs checking or could it be just caused by being overtired due to the pain?   


Hi. Please do get it checked out just to be on the safe side. I don’t have lymphoedema but I did have a nasty wound infection after mastectomy and I felt sick and headachy. I expect your headache is unrelated but I think it is always better to get any symptom checked out. I hope things improve for you soon.