Hi all. I am 5 weeks post full axillary clearance surgery. I developed a seroma & have had it drained 5 times in this period. I now have cellulitis & am on my 3rd course of antibiotics to clear it. I met my oncologist for the first time yesterday & he seemed confused that my temperature was normal but I clearly had this infection. He has deferred my chemo by 2 weeks until this infection is gone. I’m worried this will lead to more complications & put the chemo back even further.

Hi. I’m sorry you’ve had complications. I was exactly the same although different reasons. I had therapeutic mammoplasty and full axillary clearance on 29th Feb 2016. I didn’t start chemo until 20th May and then still had an open wound. My oncologist started the chemo as late as possible but still with 12 weeks - just! My GP reassured me saying there will always be a benefit to chemo it’s just the biggest benefit us within 12 weeks. I developed cellulitis after my first chemo and my second was delayed by a week. After the initial high reading my temperature resolved very quickly. Try not to worry too much, time us still very much on your side xx