just had my fisrt bout of celullitus after 4years with lymphodemia ,must say its really painful have been to gp at hospital and been prescribed antibiotics .any tips on whether to continue waering my sleeve ? its too painful to get on at the moment ,but i feel like i should be covering my arm from further damage .ive not a scratch on me so dont know where this came from ,im always really careful with my arm when doing anything so to get
this now is a real blow !

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hi ,yes it was abit of a shock after 4 yrs with relatively no trouble ,ive seen the gp again today and was told to watch the infection so it dosnt spread any further into my chest wall ,im still on antibiotics for another 5 days but if i get any worries am to go back and then be referred for intravienous antibiotics in hospital ,somthing that i want to avoid at all costs ,seen enough of those thanks very much !!! been looking out all my longer sleeve tops but sadly they are mainly winter weight so not a prospect at the moment whilst its so hot and havent any spare money in the kitty to spurge as yet ! oh well grounded i am then lol!

aroma what about the charity shops or asking for clothes on this site uk.freecycle.org/
I have loads of things from here and given things away and wow its all free.
Good luck.

Last week I got four long sleeve (roll down or button-hitch up) mens shirts for twelve quid altogether in the sale at Primark. Lightweight fabrics in pale colours. In spring they had long sleeve tees for about the same price in hundreds of colours but yes they’re a bit warm for now. Do the round of charity shops, bargain hunting has all the fun of shopping with less financial angst and most of the confusing choice removed! and you know you are doing a good turn for someone else in the process… so everyone’s a winner!