Cereazette. Side effects?

Hello, I’m off to see my gp this afternoon to discuss contraception. I’m taking tamoxifen. He had previously suggested that I use Cerazette as a contraceptive, but was waiting to hear what the Onc had to say. Are you taking Cerazette? What side effects have you experienced? Are you using a different contraception, such as the coil? Thanks, Clare x

Hi Claire.

I have a Mirena coil but as I’m Pr+ 6/8 I have been advised to have it removed and replaced with a copper coil or use something else. I have used the cap but find it very messy (and they’ve stopped making the gel I liked and I hate the smell of the cream) so I’m going for the copper coil, even though the last time I used it about 18 years ago it gave me monster periods.

Let’s see what happens though.

I’m sure others will be along shortly, but the forum has been a bit busy so your post may have been missed, this reply might bump it up a bit for you.


Thanks CM.

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I was put onto Cerazette about 5 or so years ago from Marvelon because I had slightly raised BP. I didn’t notice any side effects (I even managed to lose 3 stone with WW while on it), except for one real biggie…

…After about 6 months or so my periods had tailed off to virtually zero - just a tiny bit of spotting every 6 months or so! Fantastic for me who had always had regular as clockwork 8 day heavy ones.

Unfortunately I was told to stop taking it before my BC operation and have since had my first proper period. It was very light compared to the old days, but that may well be because of the chemo I’m on.

I’d love to start taking it again when I’m on Tamoxifen (should be sometime in June) as it’s been brilliant for me. I’m ER+(6/8) and PR/HER- so here’s hoping!

Jane xxx

hi cupcake i thought i had replied to this last night but think i must have fallen asleep midway through as when i switched lappie on this evening it said commenting on this thread with no comment.

anyway what i was going to say was i was on cerazette and loved it… had no periods and has a longer window period than traditional minipill 12 hours instead of 3… if you forget to take it you only have to use condoms for 3 days and not 7 like you do for the combined pill… i thought it was excellent…

however i got hormone positive BC and had to stop it straight away.

the hormones are taken systemically so potentially could increase your risk of recurrence more than the mirena coil which affects the reproductive organs directly and the hormone released from the mirena (and also the implant) are in a much smaller dose as well… a week of mirena is the same as one day of progesterone only pill.

i think before taking any hormonal contraception you should discuss it with your oncologist rather than your GP as your oncologist is the expert in terms of hormones.

my consultant was happy for me to have a mirena which i had inserted 7 months following ER + 7/8 BC when i had bleeding problems on tamoxifen and loved it… its also thought to help prevent tamoxifen induced endometrial problems.

Lulu x

Thanks Jane and Lulu! That all sounds relativley positive and not the side effects that I had read about. My GP is writing to my Onc for clarification as his advice was a bit vauge. Here’s hoping!

Clare x

I was on Cerezette contraception pill before I was diagnosed but was told by the Onc to come off of it as I was ER+.
I had not had a period for about two years since being put on the pill and was expecting them to start again, at least during the early days of Chemo, but I have had nothing at all.
I am about to start Tamoxifen and I’m confused as to whether I could still possibly have periods, regular or not, or whether the Tamox will finish them off altogether? I would just like to know one way or the other if the blasted things are still around or not!
I don’t like the thought of the Coil and so condoms are our form of contraception these days. I hate them! so Cupcake I’d be interested to find out what your Onc told your GP about the Cerezette. I thought Cerezette was Oestogen free but my Onc still advised against it.



cerazette is indeed oestrogen free and is the newest progesterone only pill although its been around for about 10 years now but its very popular.

most hormonal contraception is contra-indicated in women with breast cancer… hormone positive or not.

the only hormonal contraception i have heard of being used in breast cancer patients is the mirena as it acts directly on the uterus and thins the lining combating the effects of tamoxifen which thickens it.

as for your periods they may not return on tamoxifen or they may never return or could come back in 2 years… they just cannot tell and everybody is different… this effectively means that you need to use contraception as they could come back any time.

Lulu x