Change in eye sight

Has anyone had the problem that I have. Since completing Radiotheraphy and starting Herceptin last September (07) my eyesight has changed drastically. From having to use reading glasses but being able to see distance clearly I now can read without glasses but everything else it blurred. My eye prescription changes all the time gradually I am getting more and more shortsighted. I have now completed Herceptin. Any ideas?

Sorry to ask… but how old are you? Mid-40s - ish… it’s quite normal for the eyesight to change, so it may be that it’s nothing to do with the bc. I’m having to get varifocals for the first time ever - worn contact lenses since I was 22 yrs old for short-sighted-ness, but now if I wear my glasses I struggle with the close stuff! I’m 45 years old, so have sadly put it down to a natural ageing thing… oh well, I guess it comes to us all.
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I had surgery/rads/tamoxifen. When I was prescribed the tamoxifen in Feb 2008 I was advised to give it 6 months for my body to settle with the medication and get my eyes tested as it can affect your eye sight. I wore glasses all the time - this was due to my eyes being light sensitive and I have a medical uv/glare tint, and if the lighting was right I could quite comfortably watch TV and I could read if I concentrated on focussing. I had an eye test in September and although my distance sight has deteriorated it is very slight, not even enough to warrant a new prescription. However, my near sight has deteriorated dramatically - I now need varifocals which I am saving for, and even with my current glasses on I cannot sit on the sofa and read the menu on the tv, I literally have to stand about 4 ’ from the telly screen in order to decide what I am going to watch.

I was 41 in August and the optician said that although eye sight does change in your 40s the dramatic deterioration (about 40% of my previous level of vision) is most probably due to the tamoxifen. Not having had herceptin I do not know how this affects the eyesight but it’s worth invesitigaing.

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You can read recent threads on this issue by typing ‘herceptin’ and ‘eyesight’ into the search tab at the top of this page, hope this helps.

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