Change in left breast size and constantly tender n sore !

Hi, just over a year ago i found a small lump in my right breast. I made appointment to see my GP. He referred me to have a scan. I went to the scan and also had a biopsy and it came back that the lump is fibroadenoma. This has been monitored and not changed in size. BUT i had never found this lump painful in any way. For a long while, probably not long after the lump scare i have had a sore tender feel to my LEFT breast that is constantly there. Its has gone bigger in size and where my right breast feels soft and can squeeze it, the Left one, that is constantly tender and is hard. I have felt for lumps n can say ive found a few small ones. I have been so worried about it an am starting to feel concerned by the stuff i have read online on other website…i just wondered if there was anyone out there who may have had similar symptoms to mine an can shed some light. I intend to ring the doctors first thing tomorrow to make an appointment.

Hi Kelly

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for some good, honest support from the many informed users of this site.

While you are waiting for replies, could I suggest you give our helpline team a ring and have a chat with them about the changes you have noticed, they’re here to support you.  I have also put you BCC’s publication for fibroadenomas in the link below and hope you find this helpful.  The helpline number is 0808 800 6000, calls are free, lines open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2.

Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hello there
I have recently diagnosed with fibroadanoma ,i had the mammogram ultrasound and biopsies,when I rang clinic early my results showed a large one in my right breast which I was aware of a and a small one in left,I see consultant this week as breast care nurse told me he wants to remove the big one as they can keep growing,apparently size of a lemon wow!!i would not get too uptight as we all have lumps and bumps that appear on our monthly cycle!this large one does hurt before a period then softens again afterwards!i suffer from anxiety and was thinking the worse was such a relief when I knew it was a fibroadanoma,I am going to have it removed as it is a quick procedure ,take care and please do ask me anything you like?xxx

Hi Kelly,
My lump felt like the tissue was being pinched. The lump itself was v hard and hence tissue near it felt a tad pressurised.
My lump turned out to be invasive ductal carcinoma.
But it is possible to have a hard lump of fatty necrosis which may feel similar? I’m further along the journey now…happy to help if you have q’s