Change of plan again…really struggling

Hi ladies,
I’ve posted on the forum a few times following my diagnosis in January of stage 2 grade 2 breast cancer at the age of 46.

Initial plan was surgery, chemo, radiotherapy then tamoxifen. This changed to chemo first for a number of reasons - better surgical planning, participating in research study and only one lymph node involved so plan to preserve some at surgery.

First round of chemo my liver lft’s went sky high so the second round was delayed by a week, the same thing happened after my second round so plan was my third round was due to go ahead next week - another week later than planned.

I had a telephone appointment with my oncologist today who said I was discussed at the MDT meeting this morning and the decision has been made to suspend my chemo and go straight to surgery for an urgent mastectomy to ‘get rid of the cancer’ and then resume the chemo following this. She said that if there are any delays with my chemo after surgery it’s fine as the cancer has gone - this is just preventative.

I’ve got an appointment with my surgeon next Friday - I was due to have reconstruction at the same time (DIEP) but as this is ‘urgent’ I’m not sure if this will be an option - may need this at a later date.

My head is all over the place as my treatment plan has changed so much over the last 3 months. I should be happy I’m getting the cancer removed sooner than I thought but I can’t help feeling disappointed that my body has let me down with not being able to tolerate the chemotherapy.

Sorry for the downer post - I just know you will understand how I feel xx


Sounds like you’ve had a really tough rollercoaster start to your treatment . Although disappointing maybe the change of plan will actually bring you some peace of mind , I know felt really relieved to wake up after my op knowing the cancer had been removed, hopefully you will feel the same. Bigger ops take longer to plan so maybe you will find they would prefer to do a delayed reconstruction ? After your op they may have other options re chemo that your body will tolerate better . Hoping for the best possible outcomes for you . Jill x

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I’m sorry your treatment plans keep changing that sounds really stressful. I’m on chemo post mastectomy but like you my liver isn’t keen on the epirubicin and I’ve been deferred a week. The consultant said there’s more wriggle room with it being post surgery and is planning on a dose reduction for this next cycle. I hope your surgery goes well and you can resume your chemo again x


Dear Jayne,

I would like to wish you lots of health and happiness going forward what a lot of stress and anxiety you had, as Jill has mentioned, maybe the outcome will be better for you. I always say one day at a time,

Take all the help offered to you from family and friends, please let us know how your getting on.

With the biggest hugs my brave lady, Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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Thank you ladies, your kind words are much appreciated.

@dumbledore this is exactly what my oncologist said, once the cancer is removed they will have more flexibility with the chemo and the delays won’t be an issue. The concern was that if each cycle was delayed by a week that would add on 8 weeks to the regime then a further 4 weeks before surgery so an additional 3 months in total with the cancer still present which is a long time.

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I have a similar cancer, grade 3 one lymph node. I was put for surgery first, then the onco said chemo is best first, for the same reason as you, to save having a full node clearance. I have to put all my trust in them that this is the right thing as even the onco said that surgery is 85 per cent of the cure. So putting it off for chemo first does unnerve me.
I think you need to find out what operation you will be having as that will put your mind at rest about that part.
My BCN said it’s a like journey on a path. The path can have many junctions and many many different roads which lead to places that you might not be expecting . There are no absolutes in BC, things change and they change in your best interests.

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Sorry to hear this but maybe it’s a blessing. They will also have more detail on the type and grading once they operate so another reason this could be better for you. And maybe your body’s rejection of chemo is sending you on the right course.

Worth considering other options for reconstruction- I had an implant which is easier surgery than Diep and I was very happy with the results. It was very reassuring to have it done at the same time.

Also maybe ask about full node clearance as if it’s in one then removing them at same time could help down the line. I had a recurrence in lymph node and was wishing they had taken them all out when I had the mastectomy.

Very best of luck with all.

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