Change of Plan with my treatment - feeling confused.

Today I went to the hospital and saw my consultant. She said that the biopsy of my lymph nodes under my arm had come back as canceroius. They have decided that I should now have my chemo first and my op later. She said the Chemo doctor will be keen to see me soon and you normally see him and start the week after. I’ve also goto have a nuclear bone scan and a MRI. X

One of the awful things about the diagnosis is the lack of control, other people are making decisions/recommendations about stuff we only know a little about.  I beginning to understand how complicated it all is, with different types and grades etc with all the different treatments.  I find you are just getting used to one idea when something else happens.  I guess we just have to keep on asking questions until we are satisfied with the answers. 

Hi,I had my chemo first before my OP.I was also confused  because I asked for a referral to 3 hospitals.The first 2 said it was OP first before chemo but the third one (where I had my treatment) opted for the chemo first.Personally I think this  method is the best (if  the cancer is not aggressive,your body will also get the chance to recover from the chemo before the surgery.Its called neo -adjuvant can also do your research online as well. 

Don’t get too worried,you will be fine.:smileyhappy.