Change to TNBC and eribulin

Hi all,

Following a recent biopsy, we found out that the mets in my Mum’s abdomen have changed from strongly hr+ to triple negative. She’ll be starting treatment on eribulin on Friday. 

The news has knocked us all sideways after a difficult period for Mum with complications and surgery, and she remains in hospital - and I would love to hear any positive stories about life after a change to TNBC/life with TNBC or eribulin?

Thank you! Xx

Hi Ally , I’m sorry you haven’t had a reply so far . Just responding so hopefully someone with experience of this will reply . @Shi   do you know about trials etc with triple negative that would be helpful ? 

Allypal do look at the bcn moving forward course or use the someone like me option, loujp is tnbc survivor who supports the someone like me facility and would be very good with your question :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx