Changed appointment :(

Hello everyone

I was doing really well since my first post, told myself dont worry until I know for sure soemthing to worry about.

I got my appoint through for next week, was still feeling positive, until today when I get a call from the hospital, and they need to change my appointment as the consultant has reviewed my notes, and wants a more in depth evaluation???

I was told he wants to be able to do more tests, and therefore I have to go to a different place, that lady just said that would save me coming back at a later date, I broke down, left work and cried the whole way home, I know its silly, how one call that is a good thing as they want to be more thorough, can send me into a complete mess again. I now have to wait even longer for my appointment now, and just when I thought I was doing so well :frowning:


Oh dear Malibitma how disappointing for you.When you feel you are one track some one comes up with another. No wonder you were in tears.As you say they are being thorough and at least that way will have more info for you.If it turns out to be harmless you will want chapter and verse explained, if it turns out to something to be concerned about you will still want chapter and verse if that makes sense. Do you know what these further tests are?It’s so easy to say don’t worry until there is something to worry about but extremely difficult to do. Do you know who phoned you? If it was a secretary they are not able to talk you through this. A BCN would be more able to explain the whys and wherefores to you. Can you get hold of one at your hosp/ clinic? The switchboard would be able to put you through if you do not have their number.Also the BCC help line here are great and can offer help and support. I do hope you get some answers soon. Sending you a big cyber (((hug))) Love Jackie

Thanks Jackie,

I have no idea what the tests are, the lady on the phone just said I needed to go to the other clinic where they are able to do more, to be honest I just wanted to get off the phone as I could feel myself getting upset and didn’t want her to think I was a wreck.

She called from the new bookings department, so I assume she probably couldnt give me anymore info anyway, I may call back tomorrow when I have re-composed myself.