Changes in breast after lumpectomy

Hi - I had a lumpectomy just over 4 weeks ago to remove 2 tumours . The incision was quite big and there was a large dent in my breast after surgery . I healed well and the large dent disappeared ( filled in ? ) Today a dent has reappeared above the scar . Has anyone else had this ?

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I have a dent but I think it’s over where the tumour had been. It’s fairly near the scar. My surgery was 18 months ago and I’ve had check ups and the first anniversary mammogram since and no-one has expressed surprise about it. If it worries you, you should give your BC nurse a call on Monday.



I had a lumpectomy last October and I have a dent where my tumor was and now is the scar

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I have a crease over my lumpectomy.
I opted for an under boob incision, rather than a peri areolar.
However over the area where they dissected the tumour the skin has creased. My surgeon described it as the skin has to work out how to drape over the new shape. It’s almost 4 months now and the appearance has changed considerably. Most reassuring is that it’s really started to soften and I can feel it more as normal tissue. I know this will change again with radiotherapy but it reassures me to be able to feel if anything else bad was happening !!!
My surgeon offers the option of lipo modelling at 6 months after end of all treatment if she thinks she can improve the appearance and particularly fill any dents (NHS).


Mine pulled in after every procedure and kept changing shape for about a year after surgery and radiotherapy and there is a dent . Xx