Changes in breasts causing paranoia

I’ve been experiencing a few changes to my breasts over the past few weeks, I was just wondering whether any of them were any reason to be concerned.
So firstly I had a pimple on my right breast. Once the spot had gone, I noticed on the same breast in the same area there was a small red patch, it looked like some sort of rash at first, probably about the size of a 50p. It got thicker and painful, and swollen, just wearing a bra hurt. I was concerned about IBC but I decided to monitor it, and the swelling went down, it’s less red and it doesn’t hurt anymore, but it’s still visible and the skin is flaky around it.
I’m also convinced the shape of my areola changed, although can’t know for certain.
Then a couple of days ago I noticed on my left breast that the Montgomery glands had become more prominent- they looked more like spots than anything else. They felt sensitive to touch. There were also white specks on my nipple which are not usually there.
I know a lot of these things are related to pregnancy or hormone changes through birth control. However, I am not on any birth control and have had regular periods since the last time I had sex (3 months ago), so I believe it is really unlikely that I could be pregnant.
Does this sound like something to be concerned about or am I just being paranoid? I’m 19 by the way

Hi Sophirose,


nice to to hear from you.


Whilst the things you describe are probably not anything to worry about…in your position,

I would definitely go and get them checked…the red patch might be almost anything, cyst, cellulitis, mastitis(a germ  from outside…). maybe entered through the nipple.


The white spots and ?areole change…obviously only you can judge, but as you say anxiety can mimic illnesses,…what I think I’d do…is park the anxiety for a couple of days(i.e. During the bank holidays) then once the world starts up again on Wednesday…have another look at your breasts…if the symptoms persist, make an appointment to see your gp xxx


i am glad you felt able to check in here…do let us know how you get on xx