changing form FEC to docetaxel

I have had 3 cycles of FEC and now gutted that its not working and was given the option to try docetaxel (Taxotere). is there anyone out there who is having the same chemo drug who can inform how it is for them? I am going to have 3 sessions then scanned to see if its working. I cried all day yesterday and now back in fighting mood…bring it on

Sorry to hear your treatment has not been working Maggie, keep on it there!

I’ve just had my 2nd taxotere - its ok you will be able to manage it. Just expect to feel like you’ve got flu and I think that is about right. I’ve had NO vomiting, only a bit of nausea which was manageable with suppositories and Kytril.

I have spent the last 2 days mostly in bed, but that is only because last time I didn’t, so I thought this time I really would take it easy as much as poss. By the 8th day I was feeling “human” again.

After my 4 treatments of Tax I am starting another chemo, I don’t know which yet but I feel I would rather stay on tax as at least I know what to expect now.


Hi Maggie,

You’re not alone in this. I’ve had two cycles of FEC too and the scan shows its not helping so i start Taxotere on tuesday, I will also have surgery to insert a chemo port, my veins are badly burned from the IV and a lum in my neck will be taken off too. I felt sad but must keep fighting. We’ll all do ok. I will have the scan after three cycles to see yourself cancer free, its the only way i move ahead.


Hey Maggie - ltns,

I’ve done 1 Tax already, second one due this Thurs. I suffered terribly with pain in my joints (particularly legs) and found it really hard even to climb the stairs. No nausea as such, but a horrible hard hollow feeling in my tumtum - didn’t know if wanted to eat or throw up or what. Onc giving me loads of different drugs for the next tax in hope I don’t feel like this again. It took a week to return to nearly normal, and was definitely myself after two weeks, which gives me just a week of freedom before we’ve gorra do it all again!

Best of luck with it all, you’ll do it - it’s do-able, just don’t make any plans for AT LEAST a week after a tax!
Keep in touch
Sue xx

hi Maggie
i had 3 FEC and luckily lump reduced by half, but now on TAX to reduce even more. had first one thursday just gone, and now waiting to see what happens!! heard loads of what to expect, but fingers crossed it wont be too bad. sorry the FEC didnt work, but heard TAX is good. wish you luck. will keep you updated on progress.
deb x

Thanks guys it is a comfort to know that I am not alone. I woke up this morning thinking now I need to get on with it and believe that this has a good chance of working.
I feel lucky that so far my veins are good & I will take advice and not do to much in the coming weeks. 1st session is this monday
love to you all

we have spoken in the past and you have helped me a lot through difficult parts, and boy don’t they keep sending them!
Just wanted to say I was sorry to hear about the FEC not going well, but pleased to see you are now having the big bad boy to kick arse. Good luck tomorrow and hope he gives those cells hell!!
Lily x

thanks lily, I will read your thread and catch up with how your doing.
my 1st session went ok but it now past midnight and I am tired but cant sleep. spent most of the day at aberdeen which is a hour & a half from Elgin. I was dreading going over but the staff were good and I even got a free foot massage while my chemo was dripping through. I am holding my breathe again…waiting for side effects to hit in…I am singing I will survive ( badly).
catch up with you on your thread

Hey Elginquine,

Was also taken off EC (like FEC but without the F!) after it stopped doing its stuff. Had two cycles of Tax so far with two more to go. It’s much harder work than the EC, but seems to be working, so who cares?

The second cycle’s been more manageable, mainly 'cause I’ve been a bit more prepared and know what to expect… the 2 best tips I’ve found to beat the Docetaxel blues are:

  1. drink plenty of water;
  2. with me the fatigue kicks in 3/4 days after chemo, so work out what’s going on for you and don’t plan on doing too much on your “down” days;
  3. make sure you can rest when you want, eat small amounts but regularly;
  4. Take the Ibuprofen before you need to - do a pre-emptive strike on muscle pain. It’s harder to control once it’s started, or so the BCN tells me.

Well, I guess that’s 4 best tips. I always was rubbish at numbers. Or chemo brain’s at work…

Best of luck, EQ and everyone else coping with Tax.

L x

Hi Maggie

We ‘spoke’ at the beginning of our treatment for FEC. So sorry it’s not doing the job, presume you had a scan of some sort that showed this? I’m still on FEC with No 4 on Thurs after having a week’s delay due to low neuts. I’ve had an ultrasound which has showed my breast lump has shrunk by over 50% but it’s the result of the CT scan I’m really waiting for as this will show any effect the FEC (is that a new tongue twister?) has had on my 2ndary BC on hip. I’m hoping it has but not counting my chickens and if it’s not working I expect I’ll have to change as well. At least there are different chemo’s to change to and they will be keeping a close eye on you now I expect to make sure they get one that gives the right result. Keep as positive as you sound and hope the effects aren’t too bad.

Take care and keep in touch

Nicky xx

ps Hope you can get some sleep

I have just yesterday- started on just the E. feel good so far today, just the pink wee.

my sore breat is not sore and my sore mastectomy scare in not sore - lets hope this means it is working already???

I could just be the steroids making me feel happy, I will enjoy it while it lasts.

I will listen in as if I am HER2+ I will change to DocTax with Herceptin.


hiya hope it went okay. Ive had 3 fec an dchanging to tax or dox whicherver name it is but this was pre-planned. really nervous as although didnt enjoy fec know whats to come etc. dreading the new one next week

I am not SO good today - i think the anti sickness drugs meant I did not sleep so well. neither did you if you were posting 9 hours ago!

I hope you change goes ok -

best wishes g

Hi Guys
as usual I am bowled over by your support.
I am now off steriods which helped clean the house for a few days and kept me up all night. Today I have crashed and the day has passed me by. My friend came over tonight and gave me some reiki which I know will help.
I think having BC makes you aware that they are some very kind people around and the suprise is that it may not be the ones that you thought might have supported you the most ( does that make sense). People that I hardly know bring me veggie’s & fruit from their garden, give me free treaments, sent little cards. it all touches my heart and makes me feel glad to be alive.
Lilly I have had a look at your thread and its long and full of love & support, very funny and heartfelt to read. you keep us all going.
Peacebie…hows it going with your port in? Lanterna thanks for the tips on beating the D blues. the pain has not kicked in yet but ibuprofen on awaiting.
Nicky its good to hear from you again but sorry to hear that you have 2adry in your hip. Gill how did you cope with mast? I am trying not to think about it and will address if it comes to it. Lisaf when do you change over to your new chemo?
I woke up this morning thinking how the hell do we cope with this but we do through this sight and the comfort that we are not alone…taking the days as they come. now I am off to bed. sleep well all

how are you feeling today? Hope the side effects are not too bad for you. I am just having a massive dose of epi and feel like a bit of paper on a windy day, on my bad weekend. I just think that if it is capable of wiping out my blood cells so quickly, it must be doing a good job on the ones I don’t want too.
Keep believing, the taxanes have been really good in the trials
Lily x

Thanks lilly for that boost. I am feeling like shite today, sore, tired but cant sleep or get comfortable, very cold, heating finally went on @ 3pm plus hot water bottle!!!. taken ibuprofen, keeping two before bed…I hate this bloody stuff. Hope this weekend is not to bad for you.

Hi Maggie,
Sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable. I have read about the pains on that but not on it myself. Not sure how I would manage it as now allergic to ibuprofen family since being stuffed full of it during my BC operations. Sometimes wish I could be knocked out for a couple of days and wake up better. This should be my best week before epi 4 on Tuesday. Had a CT scan mid week so now pondering about that.
hope it lifts soon,
Lily x

Hello Maggie, hope you are feeling better today, and Lily good luck with your epi 4 on Tuesday. Good luck with the CT results.

Thinking about everyone xxx

Hi Maggie, just had 2nd tax - have spoken to onc though and got loads more drugs to help me through it. Am on steroids longer, and then on something else to counteract effects of steroids on my tum, as well as the painkillers & anti sickness stuff! However, apart from sore feet, am doing ok. Just thought I’d let you know, so you are prepared for what’s to come.

Always ask for relief if you are suffering - help is out there.
Thinking of you
Sue x

Hi guys
I have not been on for a few days as I have been enjoying feeling better than I did. I had been in bed for 4 days then on the 5th day l kicked into life, it was like a switch being turned on. My sister came up from london and the weather helped my sore bones.
A community nurse appeared on my door step ( when I was at aberdeen having my first session they could not believe that I had 3 sessions of FEC & not seen a community nurse), she was very nice but I was cross when I spent time telling her my story ( all she knew was my name) and she then told me that she was leaving…if that was not bad enough as she was leaving she said aren’t you lucky to have all this time off work. I smiled at her and showed her the door.
Lilly how did your 4th epic go?
sue how are you doing on your 2nd session?
I have had a few good days but finding that I am more tired than on FEC but it could be the build up, I just take it easy and I am enjoying the warm weather & my garden. I have even managed some white wine this week
Hope you all are having a good weekend.