Changing from Anastoral to Tamoxifen

I have been on Anastoral since October last year. I seem my consultant today and discussed side effects. The worst one for me at the minute is painful joints, the worst being my wrists. She has suggested me changing to tamoxifen. I’m not sure as I’ve heard that the hot flushes are worse and I don’t want that. Has anyone any experience of this? Have a good weekend ?

Has no one had any experience of this. Thanks



I changed to Tamoxifen because of osteoporosis as tamox is supposed to be kinder to the bones. Have

been on it for two and a half years. I am post-menopausal and find hot flushes bearable. Some days are worse than others and always have them when I have glass of wine!  Joints ache occasionally but that could be age!


Good luck! x