Changing Herceptin dates

Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone has had to change their 3 weekly dates and if anyone knows if there is any problem with this.

Because of other things going on Im going to be struggling to make one of my future Herceptin dates, my options are to have it the week before although Im not sure if my hospital will allow me to have it only 2 weeks after the next one, or to have it 5 days late. My instincts tell me that this cant possibly make any difference, but you know what its like, I tend to worry about everything!

Any experience or advice would be gratefully received.

Pauline x

As far as I know, as long as you have it within a week of when you should have had it you don’t have to have the loading dose again (you know the first one). Any longer than that and they start you with the loading dose again. I really would not worry about a few days. It won’t make any difference either way -they just adjust the dose. Try to stop worrying or at least worry about something stupid like what happened on Coronation Street tonight. Escapism is soooo good.

I had a similar conversation with my onc last week. There is no problem in having it a week late i.e. 4 weeks after the last one (this happened to me over Xmas). If it goes to 5 weeks you have to have the loading dose again

Hopethat helps

Sharon x

I’m in the same position. Booked flights for July and messed it up. Due Herceptin on Tuesday, the day we fly off for 2 weeks.

Do you think they’ll be ok with a day early?

Yeah no problem I am sure- have a great holiday- no doubt you deserve one!

I’ve had to change my dates a couple of times because of holidays and the onc told me there is no problem with leaving it 4 weeks but 5 would be a problem.

I also had it one day early recently - that was to help the oncology department when they were overbooked on my usual day.

Good luck
Anthi x

Thanks ladies! That’s reassuring.


I have just changed my Herceptin dates actually. I had one on the 10 January and next was due on 31st Jan, but wanted to change to Tuesdays instead of thursday, so they put me back 5 days, so my next one fell on the Tuesday 5 Feb. I am also off on hols on 30 March for 2 weeks and so my herceptin due on 8 April has been delayed by one week to 15 april. If had been any longer, then would have had to have the loading dose again.

Hope this helps

Thanks everyone for your very reassuring comments regarding changing Herceptin dates, Im not too worried about it now and will speak to my onc next Friday to sort this out!
Those of you are doing nice things like going on holiday rather than having Herceptin, have a great time!

Polly x

Well, my doc is very liberal about changing dates. We are on a 3 weeks schedule, but she says that it can be as little as two weeks, or as much as four if really necessary. The flexibility is really nice.