Changing hospital to local one for bc treatment...

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had any advice re changing hospital for follow on bc treatment. After my GP referred me for a mammogram, I had a call from My local hospital (Northampton) to advise they wouldn’t be able to see me in the 2wk window and would I be happy to go to Bedford. I was, but I didn’t realise this would impact on where I go for treatment etc. My op is at Bedford (22 Feb wide local Excision, SLN bio). At the point of my dx the Nurse mentioned that I’ll have to attend Addenbrookes (Cambridge) for radio…that’s been playing on my mind for a while

I’m happy with Bedford so far, but I’m not so sure about travelling continually for treatments when I should be resting as much as possible. Plus I want to go somewhere local if I have complications. I’m concerned that my treatment plan will change too (post surgery results) and I’ll be schlepping to Bedford (or who knows where) for other treatment like chemo etc. I’m really independent and I don’t have family that can support. I can call on friends as needed but I really want to do as much as I can for myself (that indy streak, lol) and friends have jobs, so not an option on a daily basis.

Does anyone have advice on who/ how I got about asking for specific treatments like radio/ chemo to be moved to Nton. I’m completely in the dark about how to go about this; and does anyone know whether it means my entire bc care would have to move too i.e. consultant etc.?

Thanks all



The only thing I could suggest is that you ask your bcn what the chances of having your other treatments at a Northampton hospital? You could perhaps ring the breast clinic team at your local hospital and ask them if it is possible that all post op treatment can be done there and express your concerns about the distance you would have to travel if there were any issues post op.


I absolutely appreciate your need to be independent but one thing I would say is to take advantage of offers of help when they come, it helps you but also helps your friends as they will want to do whatever they can to support you.  Have you made arrangements for someone to take you and bring you home from your op on the day?


Good luck for the 22nd xxx

I will :slight_smile: and thank you xx

Helpful friends will be a blessing; it’s wonderful when they appear magically :)) xx