Changing hospitals?

I’m in England, and am being cared for by a hospital about an hour’s drive away, I’m thinking about asking to transfer to closer to home, and would like to hear about other people’s experience of changing hospitals and issues I should be aware of.

My diagnosis came at a very unfortunate time (not that there’s a good time!). We exchanged contracts on a house move in the morning, and I got a phone call recalling me after my routine mammogram in the afternoon. I had biopsy and results before we moved, and even though the new house is about an hour’s drive from the hospital I decided it would be best to stay with them at least until the surgery was over. 

I had some wound issues and needed dressings and have been driving back for various appointments at least once a week. Cancer was found in lymph nodes so last week I was back for an axillary clearance. 

I’m not sure exactly what comes next, but it definitely includes radiotherapy. The hospital I’m with don’t do radiotherapy, they use another one a further 20 minutes drive away. I can get there, and my husband is happy to do the driving if I find it too tiring.

There is a hospital about 30 minutes drive away that does both radiotherapy and chemo (although not sure if I’ll need that, keeping fingers crossed on that) and it would be a lot easier, but I’m hesitant to change. Im happy with the care I’m receiving, it is just the distance, and travel costs. Id love to hear from anyone else that has changed hospitals, and how easy they found it. 


Dear CarrieDec,

i really don’t think you would have a problem with changing hospitals, I did this myself not because of the travel time, I was unhappy with the care, however my only suggestion would be is to make sure you have all your paper work to take with you as this transaction can take sometime, when I arrived at the new hospital they were still waiting for my paperwork, I did have some copies with me and lots of information, however still not enough. I think this was the only downfall for me.

Wishing you well, going forward for an excellent outcome.

hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

CQC grades hospitals and the NHS website has feedback from patients on what they think about hospitals although very few people seem to say anything. You could also try looking at websites if you want to find out how they perform.

You need to keep your hospital numbers to hand as that’s the way the hospitals identify individual patients. Your NHS number is quite useful too but the hospital numbers seem to be what they use for hospital records. I asked for copies of all my notes from 2003 /4 to be sent to me when I got a new diagnosis in 2022. They arrived 5 months later. 

They did help me avoid some treatment to my lymph nodes and identified some allergies I had developed then. I was afflicted with many allergies due to my previous two surgeries in 2003 so that was useful.


NB I went to Barts in London in 2003, Hastings hospital in 2022, then Guy’s in London