changing status re er positive please help

Hi I had been diagnosed with secs in October following a clavicular node which was biopsied and lymph,lung n liver spots which were very small and symptom free.I commenced taxotere immed and have had an excellent response where spots are gone and lymph nodes back to normal.When I saw consultant last week she informed me that this recent tumour was er neg( my initial bc was weakly pos) and never her pos either.This means I hav no meds to take which is great but the downside is I feel I am not covered with anything.Iam to be scanned 3 monthly which is reassuring and I feel well.Anyone else in same position.I ask this cos triple neg has never been mentioned to me but Iam not sure if I fall into that category. Teresa

Dear twallace1,
Sorry to hear your problems. 'm sorry I have no knowledge of this so can’t help you.I hope that by bumping this up someone who can help might notice your post.
I hope you get some answers soon. Thinking of you and sending you lots of good wishes , Julie x

Thanks Julie.Hope to get some info.Teresa xxxx

Hi Theresa

Like you my primary was only mildly (10%)positive for oestrogen. I don’t know what my secondaries are as they are in places that are hard to get to (spine, lungs, liver). THey tried me with Tamoxifen but it didn’t work ( I never thought it would which was why I didn’t bother with it after my primary treatment). I just wanted to forget all about cancer and get on with my life. I had 18 months before I had problems with the secondaries.

I am now on my 2nd lot of chemo since secondaries were diagnosed and so far I am responding well.

I did mentione Triple negative to my Onc and she said no I wasn’t. I am not sure if this helps you or not but I seem to have the full range of treatment options open to me.

Sue x

Hi Sue thanks for that.Will you be scanned regularly ? And are you feeling well just now.I hav jst finished taxotere on fri so rough today and kinda dont no what to do with myself!!!My onc said there are immed standard treatments she could give downthe line so ok with that.Jst feel bit in limbo and need to get on with normal life.Teresax