Changing tablets


about 8 weeks ago I changed from anastrazole to exemestane due to feeling anxious and low. I also take sertraline which I have for years. 
So the change hasn’t helped, in fact I feel worse.

My doctor has said to change my antidepressants and I need to wean off mine by 50mg every five days. I’m doing this but waiting for the big crash and dreading it. I’ve got some counselling but not for another 4 weeks! To this day I have never had help when I’ve needed it.

I’m really fed up with all these tablets and the forced menopause. I really am feeling sorry for myself and thinking this just isn’t fair. I feel old, ugly, fat and could cry anytime. I really don’t like myself anymore.

I would love to know if I could cope without the antidepressants, do they actually help anymore. I wish there was a magic wand!
I’m off work sick as struggling holding it together and find it physically harder nowadays.

I just don’t know how long I can go on like this.

Every pain I think has this spread, I’m not functIoning like I use to and need to try and get a grip.

I’m sorry I’m just venting as need to tell someone I don’t know :slightly_smiling_face:

vicky age 52 feeling 72 xxx

Hi Alvilajo

I’m sorry you haven’t received a response yet. If you would like to talk things through with someone in the mean time, our friendly nurses are available to lend a listening ear on our confidential Helpline.

You can reach them on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm). We’re always here to support you 

Best wishes,


That sounds horrid. I’m sorry.

I’m on zoladex and letrozole and was not told a) to expect the menopause and all that it entails and b) warned it would be so severe. I’m hating it and I feel your pain. 

With regard to antidepressants, I did a bunch of reading while I was trying to figure out what my options are for swapping my treatment, and I did come across something that says there are certain antidepressants that don’t work well with some hormone meds, and some that are okay. Venlafaxine is one of the ones that doesn’t cause a problem with the hormone treatment (apparently) so it might be worth asking about that? 

Whatever you decide, I hope that you feel a bit better soon and get the help and support you need.