Changing Times

Recently I got thinking about changing practice in breast cancer treatment and protocols between 2003 and 2022 my two diagnoses.

When I got through my notes from Barts after some months I found a stack of papers. But no copies of scans or photos that I can remember.

My question is - do they still take topless headless photos of us breast cancer patients? And if so where are my old and new ones kept now? Do they go to the breast cancer registry?

I am the only person who has taken photos of my chest this time unless they did some when I was under the anaesthetic on the operating table.

Anybody else’s experience welcome.


Hi. No, no photos taken, not to my knowledge anyway! Interesting, the changing approaches. You were in remission for a long time, gives me hope. Hope you’re doing well after treatment in 2022. Best wishes, Helen.

I didn’t have photos taken in 2020 or 2023. There wasn’t anything externally visible either time so I can’t see what purpose a photo would have.

Fine so far. I had a new primary, not a recurrence of the primary I was diagnosed with in 2003. When I spoke to an oncologist at a recovery in mind breast cancer now event he said it was no thing to do with the first one which must have been cured so that put my mind at ease that I hadn’t caused it by not taking tamoxifen for five years. The first cancer I had was grade 1, less than 1 cm tumour, dcis round it and no lymph node involvement. ER+

Second was of no special type, 2.6 cm grade 2 with dcis and a metastatic intramammary lymph node next to it. So it was mastectomy and recon this time. I think it looks better than it did except for no nipple - the surgeons just don’t like to leave them as all the ducts meet there and most breast cancers are ductal.