Charity Night

Hi All

Are there any women here that live in the Lanarkshire area in Scotland??

I am having a charity night for BC on Fri 17th Oct 08…I am hoping to raise lots of money for the night…

We have a disco…food…raffles and we have a few goodies for auction…
The tickets are £5.00 each…

Plz if you live in this area let me know if you would like a ticket…

Allison xx

Just bumping this up. I don’t live anywhere near but thought this may get lost amongst other posts…


Thanks for bumping this up for me…

Allison xxx

I dont think that this went as a whisper sorry xx

hi well done for organising a night you have given me inspiration for next yr this yr we had a pink party at home with 10 friends and 2 holistic therapists who offered thier time and donations towards my night we did the pink quiz and name game and i invented a few of my own, we had such a good night we raised £105.25p its only small but as tesco says every little helps. Good luck with your night
Jo xx

Hi Allison
No it didn’t - and neither is this (gives it an extra bump…!) Please let us know how it goes - sounds like Jo’s was a great night - and Jo - you’re right - the money in the coffiers (spelling?!) is £105.25 more than it was before!!
Good Luck!!

Hiya All

Jo well done to you and yes its true every little does help…Holistic therapist well done on thinking that one up…

Go for it next year i think if this is a success i will do it again …(cant believe i said tht lol)…

Heres hoping i get a good amount of people there, we have some great raffles and auction items. I just want to raise as much money as possible.

Thanks for all your good wishes im on countdown now lol its 9 days to go!!!

Let you know how it went andhow much was raised…

Luv Allison xx

Hi all

Just to let you know my charity night went brilliant last night and we raised £1633.00 for Breast Cancer.

We had a fantastic night… Thank you Maryj for coming and was really nice to meet you and your lovely family.

Luv Allison xxx

Wow! Well done Allison,thats a fantastic amount


Thats fantastic Allison - really well done - i’m so pleased that it was so successful! Thanks for letting us all know!

Yes Allison’s night was a great night and she did well to raise that amount for breast cancer,i would like to thank Allison and the ( A team ) this is Allison’s friends ,for the terrific work that they put into making this a fabulous night. Well done, and it was a pleasure to meet you all.

Lots of love
Mary xx