Check ups

i had breast cancer in both breasts four years ago and every year when it comes around for my check up  my mind seems to p!ay tricks on me and I imagine the cancer has returned. This year is no different but my left breast is swollen and tender, I have had a mammogram today and they said it looked ok but I will see my surgeon in two weeks. Am I the only one who gets herself in this state every year. I still feel there is something wrong with my left breast but will have to wait and see what happens in two weeks. Will this feeling ever go away?

I’m exactly the same - I’m 5 years and still panic every time - I had a proper sit on the floor panic attack yesterday in the toilet in the waiting room waiting to have my mammogram. The radiographer was amazing and got me done and out of there in record time. I’m not a panic attack type of person but this petrified me and I think this is my new normal xx

Hi wendy60. Am exactly the same. In fact I’d say I’m much re anxious now four years. Feels like I can’t keep dodging the bullet and it’s bound to return. Was 37 when diagnosed and worry it means I’m in borrowed time and it will definitely return at some point. I just want to scream!! Am not sure the feeling will ever leave me. Sorry I can’t be of more help but least we not going mad if we’re all feeling like this I suppose.

oh my. I haven’t been on the forums for ages and having just had my three year check up I felt more worried than ever.It is so reassuring to hear that so many of you also feel the same. I tried to tell a friend that it is almost as though the further away from initial diagnosis i get the nearer I feel I am to the return, Im hoping, with terror, that I will be discharged from the hospital in October and it is that yo yo of wanting it to be over and yet needing the reassurance of someone else checking to see if you are ok that is so unsettling. If one more person tells me to be positive or that I’ll be fine as if they have some kind of crystal ball i shall scream.

Three years ago I imagined it would be wonderful to have survived for three years, and of course it is BUT for two of them I was having surgery chemo radio and herceptin. The time has flown and Im not sure I feel as though i’ve had three years of living. Does that make sense? Of course the way we see life has changed and living each day to the full is a wonderful idea I just wish I could convince my brain of that when it is in worry mode.

I had a lumpectomy almost two years ago for a tiny white dot picked up at a routine mammogram…it was followed by 15 radiotheraphy sessions and the mammogram I had a few months latter was normal. I’m now due in a couple of weeks for another mammogram and even though at the time I was told that there was only a one in ten chance of breast cancer returning in the next 10 years I’m feeling very nervous about this and iI need to find a way to stop letting this be the first thing I think about when I wake up every the morning. I’m 68 years old 

Hi Guys,


My problem is more like lack of check-ups. I have had two appointments to be checked up and signed off by my oncologist cancelled by the hospital so far and have no further appointment offered. So this should have happened about 6 - 8 weeks ago. I have phoned the hospital to ask what is happening but cannot get a response from oncology. I’ve have a chat with my BCN about it and she said not to worry because the purpose is only to check I’ve recovered from the rads and a bit of a delay is not an issue. Is anyone else having similar probs?


I’m finding it really hard, the BCN said to try not to worry because the chance of a recurance is very very small. But I think it’s the comfort I needed because nobody has looked at the offending boob since my 15 rad sessions finished last December.


Up to this point I thought I was dealing with the whole BC experience really well, but this has just got to me… Sorry guys just feeling sorry for myself.



hi Gill,
Sorry to hear you are having this hassle, but the oncologist does need to discharge you, even if it is a formality.
My experience was that I had a full breast examination & consultation, including how I was coping with it all.
The oncologist discharged me & referred me back to the surgeon for yearly follow-up, so this does need to be clarified.
A delay may not be an issue, but you do need to know what the follow up arrangements are & that it is being processed.
Although you need this like a hole in the head, but do make a pest of yourself & take it further if necessary.
It also might be an idea to ring the helpline here so that you are forearmed, so to speak, on what needs to happen.
Hope this is sorted for you soon.
ann x

Sorry if I’m hijacking here but my question was similar.I believe it’s the norm to go a year before the next check up? I finished my surgery in November and rads this January and have my breast check in November BUT have a kidney check next month…some might remember I had my cancerous kidney removed at the same time which is only 7 months for a check.Can’t help but wonder if as I had two cancers I’m more likely for reoccurance and need more checks? I’m being sent an appt for a bone scan…does this only show bones or other things? I’m not especially anxious but do wonder sometimes.

Hello.I believe it’s a dexa scan but can’t be certain.I haven’t had a follow up post rads…I remember on my final one being told I would hear probably in about 3 months but I haven’t heard anything.As I’m working again now I want appts that mean not taking any time off.:slight_smile: Thanks for asking…I’m doing ok all things considered.I fell a couple of weeks ago so my arm has become stiff and more painful on flexing it again…hopefully that will settle.My joints have been bad but the doctor gave me some ibuprofen gel and I’ve started taking hemp oil…don’t know which it is but definitely feel better the last couple of days:)Learning to live my new life and getting the most out of everything I can.

Thank you Janey x

I had that second mammogram today ( to be followed by an appointment with a breast care nurse in another few weeks ) I was a nervous wreck by the time we got there ( traffic was bad so we were a bit late and I was panicking ) so I was shaking…I just hope they don’t recall me because my shaking screwed up the plates… Although the radiologist probably would have said ?

Lovely to hear you can go back to something you love, Helena…it makes such a difference doesn’t it? My bones have been a bit better this week…I noticed after a lot of walking.The hemp was helping a lot but naturally, sods law, there’s a side effect for me if upset time and many trips to the loo! Have tried applying it topically which isn’t so effective although the ibuprofen gel is helping.Am feeling a bit low…I think grief is hitting now about my dad.I think originally it was a relief that he was out of pain and that everything had stopped plus arrangements.I miss him so much…burst into tears cleaning the bath yesterday! Feel like a part of me is silently screaming.I have to come to terms with this though.